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Rafflecopter Contests are a Great Way to Get More Attention to Your Business

Rafflecopter Contests are a Great Way to Get More Attention to Your Business

Have you ever noticed that when a business has contests and gives away a great prize that they are all over the place?  You start seeing them on Facebook and Twitter all the time and even Pinterest gets into the contest love.  If you can give away a free product or a cash prize or a service, social media users will freely spread the word and your business can get a lot more attention.

But contests can be complicated without a good tool to manage the contest entries and choose a winner.  Rafflecopter makes it easy though.

What is Rafflecopter?

Rafflecopter is a contest management tool that lets embed an entry form that you customize on your web site.  It gives your audience incentive to perform certain tasks to get entry into a contest.  You can put it anywhere that you can put HTML code.  There’s even an app for Facebook!  You can collect entries within minutes of customizing it to your liking.  Entrants get multiple opportunities to get contest entries and increase their chances of winning.

Added Benefits to Using Rafflecopter

Besides the fact that you can manage contest entries with this tool, you get other benefits, too.  When you use Rafflecopter you can:

  • Get more Twitter followers
  • Get more Pinterest followers
  • Get more Facebook likes
  • Get email subscribers
  • Get people to blog about your contest and your business
  • Get more social shares

All of these things will help you get more attention to your business!

How Must Does it Cost?

There are 3 plans that are available so there is something for every business, no matter what your needs are.

FREE – Of course, everyone loves free!  For a good portion of Rafflecopter users, this option will do the trick.  All Rafflecopter users can create as many giveaways as they like.  They can use the Facebook app (which is mobile friends), customize time zones, and use the Twitter and Facebook entry options.  All users have the ability to export all entries in either an Excel file or a .csv file, but entries can also be moderated from the dashboard.

Blogger Subscription – for $7.99/month you get some extra value features, in addition to the features that are available to free users.  You can integrate Pinterest as a contest entry option and you get more customizations.  You can even add images to prize descriptions.  You get access to a terms and conditions template and you can customize end and start times.

Business Subscription – for $59.99/month, you get all the features available to free and Blogger subscription users plus you can access real time analytics.  You can also integrate your email list with AWeber, ContstantContact, or MailChimp.  You can remove the Rafflecopter branding and use the refer-a-friend option.  You also get priority support via the VIP support chat room.

Ideas for a Rafflecopter Contest

There are so many types of contests that you can have! These are just a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Give away a product
  • Give away a service for a week or so
  • Give away tickets to an event
  • Give away an ebook
  • Give away a gift certificate
  • Get together a group of business people who have a similar audience and do a group giveaway!
  • Give away a free consultation

Facebook Fan Page Like Promotions

Recently, Facebook changed their policies regarding contest on pages.  In the past, you could only hold a contest using an approved app and liking statuses could not be one of the ways that people could win a contest. But they’ve done away with that and now you can have people enter the contest simply by sharing, liking, or commenting on a specific status.

It’s really made it fun to have quick and impromptu contests.

Rafflecopter quickly responded to this by creating a new app.  While the main Rafflecopter app allows you to add a widget on your Facebook page, this new app eliminates the need for a widget at all.  The new Rafflecopter Facebook Flash Giveaway app lets you run a quick 24 hour contest where people only need to like, comment, or share a post to get an entry.  The app lets you randomly choose a winner.  It literally takes only seconds to set up.  If you promote the status that people have to like and share and comment on to get entries, you can get even more people involved.

These flash giveaway contests can do several things.  They can bring people to your page and give your business more exposure.  They can get more likes for your page.  And mostly, they can increase interaction with your page drastically, which tells Facebook that your page is important and that people are interacting with it and it should therefore appear on more people’s walls when you post!

Rafflecopter is an excellent tool for contests and provides multiple benefits to your business.  There are several options available to suit any budget.

When was the last time you held a contest for your business?  How did it go?  Would a tool like Rafflecopter have made it easier?

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